Our Mission

Train in Data was founded with a rebellious spirit and a socially-committed mindset to empower individuals, non-profits, and organisations worldwide to enter and excel in Data Science, Analytics, and Machine Learning.

The Challenge

More and more organisations worldwide use data engineering, machine learning and software development to find innovative solutions to the challenges they face, whether to develop their business or make the world a better place. Professionals and students from a variety of backgrounds increasingly seek to re-train in these skills to support this shift towards using sophisticated data analysis tools.

In recent years, resources available to self-learners to step into data science and machine learning have expanded rapidly, with remarkable success: many newcomers have acquired the necessary skills to land a role as data scientist or AI software engineer. But after taking those first steps, many find it challenging to find the right resources to further advance their skills as professional data scientists, or to develop the optimal implementation of data science solutions. In addition, data science and analytics is a relatively young industry, with best practice guidance and standardised procedures only just consolidating.

Our Solution

At Train in Data, we are a group of highly experienced Data Scientists and AI Software Engineers who have worked in the industry for considerable time. We are aware of the gaps in currently available learning materials and tools and offer dedicated resources to enable professionals to take the next step in their careers and organisations to extract maximum insight from their data, whilst following best practices for machine.


We provide:

  • Advanced courses and training on machine learning and AI software engineering.

  • New resources and materials around emerging machine learning topics.

  • Open source software to facilitate the delivery of machine learning solutions.

Our Courses

We create advanced courses and materials on machine learning and AI software development which are available online, at a reasonable price, to all students who seek to improve their data skills and advance in their careers. Our courses are not reserved for the wealthy elite, we aim to support people from all corners of the globe who wish to learn more about data science and software engineering.

Our courses provide a comprehensive end-to-end view of various machine learning processes, following the best industry standards. Throughout our courses, we showcase the most interesting and instructive examples of using data science and machine learning in business scenarios, as well as for non-profit social projects.

Our Open Source

As part of our course materials, we provide students with a substantial amount of sample code that they can adapt for use in their organisation or personal projects. We also create open source Python packages to facilitate the implementation of machine learning techniques and processes, following best industry practice. All our open-source packages are available to use for free, and we welcome contributions to and feedback on our software by the data science and AI software development community.