Our 10 Best LinkedIn Posts in 2023

Sole's most engaging LinkedIn posts in 2023, about data science and machine learning.

✔️ PCA is NOT a feature selection procedure

✔️ FIFTEEN Python libraries that will make your (data science) life easier.

✔️ SIX Python libraries to help you interpret ML models.

✔️ How to ACE your data science interview.

✔️ No, SMOTE is not the silver bullet for imbalanced datasets.

✔️ Should feature engineering be done before or after train-test split?

✔️ Tired of spending hours in data preprocessing for ML projects?

✔️ The War of Titans: Statistical Models vs. Traditional ML.

✔️ Best resources to learn about interpretable machine learning.

✔️ What's the difference between Standardization and Normalization?

Soledad Galli, PhD

Sole is a lead data scientist, instructor, and developer of open source software. She created and maintains the Python library Feature-engine, which allows us to impute data, encode categorical variables, transform, create, and select features. Sole is also the author of the"Python Feature Engineering Cookbook," published by Packt.

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